Producer: Flower Power Farm Village @ all right reserved 2018   


Producer: Flower Power Farm Village @ all right reserved 2018   

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POOL club & SPA


Hi and welcome to the Flower Power Village team!

We're excited to have you here with us and to have the opportunity to collaborate with you to organize unforgettable retreats. We're always happy to have new partners to share our passion for creating dream vacations with!


First of all, in order to offer the best possible experience, our village has decided to collaborate with an external operator who will take care of all the logistical and organizational needs full-time, and who will effectively make us three partners for the organization of this event.


We are pleased to share our standard idea on how to approach retreat organization. In general, we recommend focusing on packages that appeal to between 10 and 20 participants for a period of 7 to 14 days. 

We believe that these numbers are the right balance to offer a quality experience!


The key point we want to focus on is that it is you, as the organizer and the one who knows the participants, who will indicate the final daily selling price to us. Only you know how much each participant is willing to spend, and this will allow us to offer the best value for money and ensure an economic gain for us organizers.


Starting from this idea, we can simulate together the creation of a yoga retreat package consisting of 14 students plus the teacher who will then be the organizer for a total of 15 participants and developed over 10 days of stay at a daily price of 5,000฿ (138€).


From now on, I will insert the Euro € exchange rate in parentheses, fixing it at 36 and rounding down to make the value clearer to those who are not used to thinking in Thai Baht ฿.


Total daily for participants 5,000฿ x 14 = 70,000฿ (1.940€)

Total for retreat 70,000฿ x 10 days = 700,000฿ (19.400€)


700,000฿ (19,400€) is the total budget with which we will offer the vacation and make our profit, without forgetting that obviously the organizer, in addition to their percentage of profit, will enjoy a completely free vacation.


Now, to give you a clearer idea of how packages can be built, we'll analyze the services and activities with their respective costs, which for simplicity we can divide into 4 groups:






An important aspect is that the participant will travel safely and without any unexpected events under the supervision of our organization.

The retreat includes, at no additional cost, all transportation expenses for the round-trip from Ranong airport to Flower Power Village and back.

The journey involves changing three modes of transportation:


1) Taxi from Ranong airport to the pier for Koh Phayam (200฿ (5€) each for about 40 minutes)

2) Speedboat from Ranong pier to Koh Phayam pier (350฿ (9€) each for about 40 minutes)

3) Taxi from Koh Phayam pier to Flower Power Village (70฿ (2€) each for about 10 minutes)


Total per person round-trip (200+350+70) = 620฿ x 2 trips = 1,240฿ (34€)

Total for the entire retreat 1,240฿ x 15 participants = 18,600฿ (510€)


Flower Power Village offers a wide range of accommodations, from guesthouse rooms to villas. All accommodations are well-maintained and cleaned to ensure the best possible experience, and they can all be viewed through a "360 Virtual Tour" by clicking on the names of the rooms below.

We are pleased to inform you that the property is almost entirely powered by solar energy, with the aim of being as sustainable as possible and maintaining this paradise.

However, unfortunately, the air conditioning units require a lot of energy, and since it is not possible to power them with solar energy, we have been forced to connect them to the public grid. That is why we offer two dedicated tariffs that are independent of the package itself.

24-hour usage - Paid in advance as an extra: Bungalows: 400฿ (10€) per day; Villas: 800฿ (20€) per day.

(Not sustainable and not recommended)

Pay-per-use - Paid at the end of the vacation:
40฿ per unit;

Approximately equal to 20฿ (0.5€) per hour.
(More cost-effective and sustainable)

Unfortunately, the cost of electricity on Koh Phayam is very high, and air conditioning has a significant impact on the final price. We recommend pay-per-use because if it is included, it encourages people to use more than necessary... nature is precious :)

N.B. All rooms are equipped with efficient fans that are already included in the price.


Room 1 (2 people)  790฿ (21€)

Room 2 (2 people)  690฿ (19€)

Room 3 (2 people)  790฿ (21€)

Room 4 (2 people)  790฿ (21€)

Room 5 (2 people)  690฿ (19€)

Room 6 (2 people)  590฿ (16€)


Lagoon Tent Bungalow (2 people)  790฿ (21€)

Camel Tent Bungalow (2 people)  790฿ (21€)


Yellow Bungalow (2 people)  1.790฿ (49€)

Red Bungalow (2 people)  1.790฿ (49€)

Green Bungalow (2 people)  1.790฿ (49€)


Villa Jungle (8 people)  4.890฿  (135€)

Villa Jungle Left (4 people)  2.490฿  (69€)

Villa Jungle Right (4 people)  2.490฿ (69€)

Villa Penthouse (4 people)  2.490฿ (69€)

Villa Peace & Love (4 people)  2.490฿ (69€)

It is clear that accommodation is the only variable in the package because the participants potentially have different tastes, needs, or budgets.

Let's imagine that out of the 15 potential participants, 10 are couples and interested in a whole bungalow or villa, while the remaining 5 travel alone and are more interested in a room in the pension because it is cheaper.

We can therefore consider a generous daily average of 850฿ (23€) per person.


Of course, if any participant prefers to stay only in the bungalow or villa, they are welcome to do so but they will have to bear a higher cost than the others.



Total per person 850฿ x 10 days = 8,500฿ (230€)

Total for the retreat 8,500฿ x 15 participants = 127,500฿ (3.540€)

3 - FOOD

After reviewing the accommodation costs, let's now discuss the costs for food, which can essentially be divided into 3 options:


"International Breakfast" for 150฿ (4€) per day. This option includes a selection of breakfast foods such as fresh bread, eggs, cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit, cereal, fruit juice, fresh coffee, and hot beverages.


"Half-Board" with Italian, Thai, and Burmese cuisine for 650฿ (18€). This option includes breakfast and one dinner (or lunch) with Italian, Thai, and Burmese dishes prepared fresh on the spot by our Italian and Asian cook. Some examples of dishes might be margherita pizza, pad thai, and Burmese chicken curry.


"Full-Board" also with Italian, Thai, and Burmese options for 1,100฿ (30€). This option includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Italian, Thai, and Burmese dishes prepared fresh on the spot by our Italian and Asian cook. Some examples of dishes might be lasagna, laab moo, and tea leaf salad.


In all three packages, water and a non-alcoholic beverage will always be included. However, it is important to note that these prices are only indicative and that daily menus will be decided and approved in agreement before arrival, also taking into account vegetarian, vegan options, or any food intolerance for personalized dishes.

Probably, for a fun-filled vacation, the best option is to include "Full Board" and that is why we will consider it.

Total per person 1,100฿ x 10 days = 11,000฿ (300€)

Total for the retreat 11,000฿ x 15 participants = 165,000฿ (4.580€)


Activities are clearly the most important aspect, as they will be the defining characteristic of the retreat itself.


We offer three categories of activities: those organized directly within the village, those offered by third parties, and those offered by you as our collaborator, assuming you have experience in a particular field.

Activities offered directly by Flower Power Village may include yoga classes, meditation, water activities in the pool, cooking workshops, massages, sauna, and anything else we have to offer, including suggested ideas for the purpose. These activities will be organized and conducted by the village staff or retreat organizers.

Activities offered by third parties may include guided excursions, boat trips to nearby islands, fishing, snorkeling, sports activities like surfing or kayaking, or anything else the island has to offer. Although these activities will not be organized directly by Flower Power Village, the village staff will be available to help participants make the most of them.

In any case, the goal is to offer a variety of activities to satisfy the different interests and tastes of retreat participants, in order to create a complete and satisfying experience for everyone.




Let's finally assemble our options to build a program that can entertain and stimulate the participants of our retreat. As previously mentioned, we will consider a retreat hypothetically organized by a Yoga instructor with his/her students, and that's where we will focus the package.

This package, in addition to practicing Yoga almost every day, is also aimed at exploring the island and visiting the beautiful Surin Islands, offering the right balance between fun and relaxation at a total cost per participant of 9,950฿ (276€)


Total retreat cost 9,950฿ x 15 participants = 149,250฿ (4.145€)


It is now time to make an important consideration. Being a Yoga retreat, the organizer is probably also the instructor who will have the right to collect the money for the 7 lessons planned in the program as he/she will be the one conducting them.


In this regard, as mentioned before, we reiterate that any activity you want to propose independently or with the help of our staff, we will be happy to include it in the program, thus offering an even richer package, maximizing your profit.


Total cost per person 400฿ x 7 lessons = 2,800฿ (77€)

Total retreat cost 2,800฿ x 14 participants = 39,200฿ (1.080€)


Now we have come to the end of everything needed for the realization of our unforgettable yoga retreat and we can move on to the final calculations and show you that the yoga instructor, in addition to organizing a dream vacation in which he will participate for free, will also have an excellent financial return.


Below are the totals calculated previously:



Total daily per participant 5,000฿ x 14 = 70,000฿ (1.940€)

Total for the retreat 70,000฿ x 10 days = 700,000฿ (19.400€)



Total per person round trip (200+350+70) = 620฿ x 2 transports = 1,240฿ (34€)

Total for the entire retreat 1,240฿ x 15 participants = 18,600฿ (510€)



Total per person 850฿ x 10 days = 8,500฿ (230€)

Total for the retreat 8,500฿ x 15 participants = 127,500฿ (3.540€)



Total per person 1,100฿ x 10 days = 11,000฿ (300€)

Total for the retreat 11,000฿ x 15 participants = 165,000฿ (4.580€)



Total for the retreat 9,950฿ x 15 participants = 149,250฿ (4.145€)



Total per person 400฿ x 7 lessons = 2,800฿ (77€)

Total for the retreat 2,800฿ x 14 participants = 39,200฿ (1.080€) 

700,000฿ - 18,600฿ - 127,500฿ - 165,000฿ - 149,250฿ = 239,650฿ (6.650€) 

239,650฿ (6,650€) is the profit generated from our retreat, which will be divided equally among the three partners mentioned at the beginning: the yoga instructor, Flower Power Village, and the external collaborator dedicated to the retreat.


239,650฿ : 3 partners = 79,883฿ (2.210€)


To this total, the profit earned from the instructor's seven lessons during the package will be added, so:


79,883฿ + 39,200฿ = 119,083฿ (3.300€)


Earning 119,083฿ (3.300€) in ten days of vacation in a paradise doing one's passion is a dream, and I hope you're already thinking about the next step to make this dream a reality!